Donald Trump Banned on Major Sites Across the Internet

  • 3 years ago
Donald Trump Banned on
Major Sites Across the Internet.
Donald Trump has continued to be shut down online
following the horrifying events at the Capitol last week. .
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were among the
first platforms to ban or indefinitely suspend Trump.
They accused him of using the platforms to
incite the violent insurrection at the Capitol. .
His decision to use his platform to
condone rather than condemn the
actions of his supporters at the Capitol
building has rightly disturbed people
in the US and around the world, Mark Zuckerberg, via Facebook.
Now, Trump and/or content relating to Trump has
been restricted on numerous other sites.
Reddit has banned the unofficial subreddit
“r/DonaldTrump,” as their site-wide policies don’t allow
for content that “promotes hate, or … calls for
violence against groups of people.” .
Streaming platform Twitch has disabled
Trump’s channel to prevent the platform
from “being used to incite further violence.”.
Shopify has permanently removed
two Trump affiliated online stores, as they
“don’t tolerate actions that invite violence.”.
Snapchat disabled Trump’s account to prevent him
from using it to spread hate and incite violence. .
Pinterest is limiting pro-Trump
hashtags such as “#StoptheSteal” and
monitoring/removing harmful content. .
Payment-processing platform Stripe will
not process payments for Trump’s campaign.
Tiktok is removing hashtags such as
“#stopthesteal” and content/accounts that
“seek to incite, glorify, or promote violence.”