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Lamar Odom Denies He's Back on Drugs After Posting Bizarre Video

Morning Breaking News
Morning Breaking News
Lamar Odom Denies He's Back on Drugs After Posting Bizarre Video..

The professional basketball player claps back at judgmental people who ridicule him over a video featuring him dressing as a black Jesus to promote his social media accounts. Jan 4, 2021  AceShowbiz - Lamar Odom has set things straight on his sobriety after sparking a speculation that he's back on doing drugs. The professional basketball player denied that he was high in a bizarre video that he posted earlier on his Instagram account, claiming that it was a joke.   "Lighten up DAMN ~ I can't have fun without being accused of being high or out my mind??" he posted on Sunday, January 3. "If you know me you know I play all day, life is too short to stay so serious, Covid taught us that."   In the said post, Lamar uploaded a new video which featured him wearing a long black wig. He took it off before addressing the drug speculation. "It's Lamar Odom, man! Black Jesus is my alter ego. When I'm trying to bless y'all on 2K and Madden," so he said.   The 41-year-old continued to defend ...
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