I Was 410lbs - Now I'm Half The Size | Brand New Me

  • 3 years ago
AT 410lbs, David Roden realised enough was enough and has now lost around 200lbs - nearly half his body weight. By the time David, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, was 15 years old, he weighed 300Ibs and had super high blood pressure. He told Truly: “I was 18 years old, weighed over 400Ibs and just fluctuated over the next few years till I was 22 which is when I really made the shift to take more control of the actions I was doing in my life." With an addiction to diet soda, David drank 15 to 20 cans a day and would drink privately rather than publicly. David knew he had to cut his weight in half and had a vision of looking 200Ibs lighter. After hitting 50Ibs down, everything changed and he felt in control to make it work. David continued: “I remember looking at myself in the mirror, and broke down crying. I changed not just physically but mentally and spiritually on how I treated myself and others around me. After that it was just a massive shift." David believes in working out, eating healthy and dropping the ego in order to push yourself even further. David told Truly: “When you push your limit of what you think you can do and you push beyond failure of what you think is failure, the brain just goes, 'I’m a champion and I can do anything'!”