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Spider-Man 4_ Spider-Verse [HD] Trailer - Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland

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A further request by Alex17hero and the fourth video in my Spider-Man 4 series, showing what a sequel to Spider-Man 3 may have looked like.

While I used the proposed villains Vulture and Black Cat in my original trailers, some commenters suggested I try some of the other rumoured sequel villains. Lizard was one of the most heavily rumoured characters, having been teased in all three previous films, with his alter ego, Doctor Curtis Conners appearing in Spider-Man 2 and 3, played by Dylan Baker.

While he's never had a proper starring role before, I feel that Dylan Baker could have made an effective supervillain. One of Baker's acting trademarks is playing seemingly mild mannered men with a hidden darkside, perfect for the Jekyll/Hyde role of the Lizard.

As with all of my recreations of unproduced films, I tried to match the style of the original films, using the old cast members, choosing new footage that, hopefully, would resemble the original films, and using similar music to that used in the original film trailers.

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