2 years ago

Merry Christmas : Jingle Bells : Christmas Carol With Bharatanatyam : Celebrate Life With Festivity

Suhasini Abhilashayen
This Vlog Comprises Of :-
01. Christmas Celebration,
02. Jingle Bells,
03. Christmas Carol,
04. Bharatanatyam,
05. Red Velvet Cake,
06. Chocolate Cake,
07. Plump Cake,
08. Classical Dance Performance,
09. Online Performance,
10. Indian Costume,
11. Temple Jewelry,
12. Traditional Makeover,
13. Creating Space,
14. Performance Space,
15. Festivity,
16. Celebrating Life,
17. Dance Practice,
18. Relishing Cakes
19. Happy-Go-Lucky Moments Of Life
20. Colours Of Life...

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Enjoy Watching :)

Choreography Credit Goes To Mamta Joshi, My Guru-Bahan Turned Guru :)...

Merry Christmas With Best Wishes To All, Always :)...

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