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2 years ago

Class 10 Maths PTB Unit 7 Exercise 7.3 Question no. 11 and 12 II Trigonometric Tables II Learning Zone.

Learning Zone
This video comprises the Exercise 7.3 Question no. 11 and 12 of unit 7 classes 10th PTB according to the new smart syllabus 2020-21 of Punjab boards, Federal Board and Agha khan board AKEU in Urdu and Hindi. In this video I will discuss some basic concept like trigonometric ratios, trigonometric table, quadrant rules and quadrant angles in detail in Urdu and Hindi. If there is any question please mention it comment section.
What is the sign of trigonometric ratios in different quadrants? How find the values of trigonometric function without using trigonometric table and calculator? What is meant by word trigonometry? What is angle? Define initial and terminal side of angle? What are the reciprocal identities of trigonometric ratios? How we apply Pythagoras Theorem in right angle triangle?
My name is Masood Mubashir and you are watching my channel “Learning zone” the one and only destination of smart learning. We provide free and interesting online lecture according to smart syllabus for Maths for middle and secondary classes of Punjab Boards, Sind board, kpk board, Baluchistan, Federal Board and Agha Khan Examination Board and University AKEU in Urdu. I also upload general content related to educational news, career planning and different universities admission schedule.

Exercise 7.3 Question no. 7 to 10 please follows this link.
Exercise 7.3 Question no. 4 to 6 please follows this link.
Exercise 7.3 Question no. 1 to 3, please follow this link.

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