[Read] The World of Your Business Playbook Complete

3 years ago
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Do you remember a time when you walked into a business that felt like a sanctuary?Maybe it was a yoga studio, a theater, a bookstore, a spa, or a neighborhood caf?.Perhaps it was a virtual business ? a website or blog that expanded your heart, lifted your spirits; that made you go, ?Ahhhhh!?As you entered the business, you felt embraced, welcomed and at ease. You may have felt a sense of spaciousness and possibility ? an inner feeling that you could be all of yourself, here. A feeling of: I?m home. I belong here.Remember that feeling.Now, consider your own business?When your customers visit your website, do they feel welcome? Do they feel at home in the world of your business? Do they sense, immediately, that their tender hearts and their precious businesses are safe with you? That they can trust you?When a potential client emails you, do you have systems in place to ensure gracious, clear, consistent communication for each and every person?If you have a brick and mortar business, do your customers feel a sense of belonging each time they step inside? Do they love your space so much, they can?t wait to return?The World of Your Business Playbook invites you to explore questions like these ? and many others, from the sacred origins of your business to the practical parameters of each project you choose to undertake.Filled with exploratory questions, writing prompts, and playful worksheets, this one-of-a-kind playbook invites you to intentionally and creatively shape the world of your business ? a world that rings with a clear message for your customers:You are safe. You are home. You belong.