Hotel Hell Season 3 Episode 4 | Part 3 | HD | Town's Inn | Gordon Ramsay

  • 4 years ago
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Town's Inn owner Karan Townsend runs her establishment more like a second-hand store, hoarding personal items throughout the premises, which includes two separate buildings: the Heritage House houses rooms and a full-service restaurant, while the Mountain Home contains a hostel, rooms and a cafe. Ramsay soon discovers some of the worst practices he has ever seen.

In this continuous episode,
Following a heart-to-heart talk with Karan and her son, Ramsay restores normalcy by providing makeovers to the Inn, the menu, and to Karan herself.

Chef Gordon Ramsay travels across America and attempts to fix horrid hotels, awful inns, bad bed and breakfast arrangements. He ensures that the hotel owner and staff meet his expectations.

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