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7 months ago

Why Did He Ghost You?

Men ghost because they’re seeing someone else. They even might have seen other people in the same time as you. Things got serious or they felt that you wanted more, so they just moved on.
Men ghost because they’re not good at communicating and emotionally immature. They’re also very bad at keeping promises so when they told you they would call, they didn’t.
They’re not that into you. You went on a couple dates but he realized that you were not it and as you didn’t know each other for that long, he didn’t think he owned you an explanation. I know….
They’re going through something. Something happened and they have other things to think than texting you back. Harsh but understandable, depending on the situation.
They feel overwhelmed. Sometimes they just feel that ghosting you is the only option they have instead of having a straightforward conversation.
They are afraid to care. Attachment can be scary for men so they whenever they feel they can get attached, they’ll just disappear.
They got what they came for. They might have use you or they just get bored very easily. Either way, I know, it’s terrible.
Point is ladies, never be ashamed if he ghosted you. Ghosting is a typical behavior from immature and emotionally unavailable men. This is their loss, not yours!