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Microsoft Flight Simulator - United States World Update Trailer

N31   Bande annonce 4K HD Teaser Trailer
N31 Bande annonce 4K HD Teaser Trailer
Today, the world in Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting another major update, this time across the United States of America.

World Update II: This US update features an improved digital elevation model with resolution up to one meter, along with new aerial textures for significantly better appearance in several states across the country. Add to that, four new hand-crafted airports (Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, Friday Harbor, and New York Stewart), visual and logical improvements to 48 more airports, plus 50 new high-fidelity POIs, and your state-side journey is sure to be stunning.

This update will be FREE to all Microsoft Flight Simulator players.

Get it Now on Windows 10, Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Steam:

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