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Full E-book Patent Licensing: Strategy, Negotiation, Forms For Free

Misbah Millington
Packed with more than 800 ready-to-use document provisions, including dozens of new sample contract clauses with related analysis, Patent Licensing is your safe, sound, and speedy path to drafting fair and foolproof patent licenses. Covering every aspect of license agreements - from assignments to waivers - for licensors and licensees, Patent Licensing ensures that every term and every phrase in the final document combines to serve your client's business interests, satisfy the other party, and shield your client from needless risks. Today's most practical, provision-filled guide to the field, Patent Licensing allows you to quickly and confidently grant exclusive patent licenses . clearly establish the duration of licenses and termination guidelines . define financial terms, including types of royalties and payment schedules . bring licensed products to market ASAP . get adequate representations from licensors . ensure licensees meet their expected obligations . guard against devious activity by either party . protect against the infringement of licensed patents . maintain the confidentiality of license agreements . and settle disputes cost-effectively via arbitration.