2 years ago

Full E-book Fox's Cases and Materials on United States Antitrust in Global Context, 3D Review

This concise antitrust casebook is rich with political economy, history, economics, global perspective, and (in its largest part) the analytics of solving contemporary antitrust problems. Useful in a 3 or 4-credit course, the book features all of the landmark U.S. antitrust cases, U.S. Supreme Court antitrust cases, agency guidance, and relevant international materials. It presents the tools and examines the assumptions that guide judges, policy-makers, and technicians. It is unique in its probing questions that explore the line between hard competition and abuse of power. The revision condenses but yet retains the evolution of the law from rules against power to standards for consumers and efficiency. It offers tighter editing, new cases, and the new agency guidance on analysis of mergers and of health care organizations. It contains new problems for the students to analyze and debate.