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PUBLIC SPEAKING - Speaking like a Professional: How to become a better speaker, present yourself
The Ultimate Book on Public Speaking!If you want to be successful these days, you have to master the art of communication! Only those who present themselves authentically and argue wisely can achieve their goals - whether at work or in their private lives.The book PUBLIC SPEAKING - Speaking Like a Professional teaches you how to use simple strategies to playfully improve your speaking and persuasion skills in order to finally get what you want in life. This book offers beginners a good start to master communication. But experts also gain new insights into the world of rhetoric, which makes this work a standard reading when it comes to the art of speech.PUBLIC SPEAKING - Speaking Like a Professional is aimed at all those who wish to ...communicate more effectively,increase their perceived competence,gain more self-confidence,choose the right words at the right time,inspire and win over people.The strategies outlined in this book will help you deliver better speeches. You learn how to fascinate others and how to convince the audience of your ideas.But watch out! This book offers more than just theory. It contains plenty of easy-to-use tips that can be implemented immediately in everyone's life. Practice-oriented, vivid, detailed and straight to the point: The book PUBLIC SPEAKING - Speaking Like a Professional offers you multifaceted valuable insights!Make sure that you effectively assert your interests and win over your fellow human beings in the long term!