Branded Agent: The 7 Strategies of Top Personal Real Estate Brands Complete

  • 4 years ago
The traditional selling model has been broken for a long time. Buyers and sellers don't want to be sold by you, they want to be sold on you. Master the 7 strategies of top producing personal real estate brands and ensure a lucrative and rewarding career. Discover, build, and be your own powerful personal brand. Uncover your authentic style, identity, and message. Align with the perfect target market audience. For over a decade, Mark Hughes has been teaching agents and brokers the top producing dynamics of personal branding in real estate. The 7 strategies are a comprehensive approach to positioning yourself as the obvious target market expert of choice. Success in real estate isn't about property, it's about you. Ten percent of real estate agents close ninety percent of the business, and they all have personal brands. There are no gimmicks here, no shtick, and no shortcuts. These are the 7 proven branding strategies in today's market and everything else is noise. Your brand is your promise of value. Make that promise consistently relevant to your target market audience by branding yourself right. Be unforgettable, move ahead of the herd, and become the agent first in mind.