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Chicken Police - Official Release Gameplay Trailer

The legendary Chicken Police needs your help solving a case that went from unusual to lifethreatening within a few hours. Marty MacChicken and Santino "Sonny" Featherland are fighting crime in Clawville on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!

This Film-Noir inspired buddy-cop adventure features a cast of diverse, fully voiced characters all in the games original, iconic art-style. Crime scenes are to be investigated, clues to be found, puzzles to be solved, and supects to be interrogated. A modern take on the classic point-and-click gameplay, Chicke Police comes with a grim plot that will keep you intrigued and immersed. Who is telling the truth, who is trying to mislead the investigators and why? Find answers to these and more questions and bring back some of Clawville's lost color!

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