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U.S. Presidential Election Result To Have Direct Consequences in Europe: Live from London, Reuters Affiliate Natalie Powell

Arirang News
Arirang News
미 대선 결과 유럽에 직접 영향: 런던 현지 로이터 기자 연결

Europeans may be preoccupied by their own troubles at home, but many minds are also focused on events across the Atlantic.
The U.S. presidential election result will have direct consequences in Europe: Will there be four more years of Donald Trump, who's described the European Union as a foe and launched a determined trade war with the bloc? Or a new path with Joe Biden?
What impact will the election have on the course of Brexit and the UK's new relationship with the EU?
We now go over to London for how that part of the world is watching the presidential election in the United States.
Natalie Powell with Reuters joins us live.
Hi there, Natalie.
Natalie, given the UK is waiting for a post-Brexit trade deal with the US, how closely is the country watching this election and could its outcome change the course of a deal?
It's not just Britain that will be impacted by the results of this election, but wider Europe too. Is it fair to say that the EU is pinning its hopes on a Biden victory?
Heading into election day, how are markets reacting in Europe?
Natalie Powell with Reuters live for us in London, thanks, Natalie.
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