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Hear what you've been missing with Dolby Atmos on Xbox Series X|S

A leap beyond surround sound, Dolby Atmos puts you in the middle of the action by precisely placing each sound all around you in three-dimensional space, so you can quickly pinpoint its location in the game — before it's too late.

Xbox and Dolby redefine next-gen gaming. With support for Dolby Atmos games at launch and Dolby Vision games coming in 2021, the Xbox Series X and Series S will be the first consoles ever to enable gaming in both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Feel the game come alive
A bigger, more spacious soundscape combined with greater depth and dimension brings crystal clear, hair-raising realism to gaming.

React faster and more accurately
Detect the distance and direction of unseen sounds all around you, even overhead, so you can anticipate surprises or stage your own ambush.

Tune into your instincts
Greater detail and clarity allow you to catch the subtle, yet game-changing sounds you've been missing, even in the heat of battle.

Optimized for any setup
Activate Dolby Atmos for any headphones or unleash room-filling sound with a Dolby Atmos enabled TV, soundbar, or home theater.

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