Lahoris’ Favorite Nashta - Naan Chanay In Gawalmandi | Tara Butt Chanay | Maryam Ikram

  • 4 years ago
Tara Butt Chanay is located in Gawalmandi and is very popular among Lahoris for its delicious taste. They have been serving naan chanay breakfast for more than 40 years. Tara Butt prepares their chanay with black pepper and also serves desi murgh yakhni. The special thing about them is their amazing taste, affordable price and a good quantity of food. The owner of the shop revealed that his mother used to make these chanay before she passed away. He says that he still used her recipe. Watch the video with Maryam Ikram to find out why people love coming to Tara Butt Chanay.

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