Crime Scene Investigation Through Forensic Evidence | Latest Technology In Pakistan

  • 4 years ago
A forensic expert Advocate Mr. Abdullah Usman acknowledged everyone about crime scene investigation through forensic evidence in his interview given to UrduPoint. First of all, he elaborated the meaning of the word 'FORENSIC EVIDENCE'. It is an overlapping of word 'science' and 'law' also know as Forensic science. It is an existence of any physical evidence of the crime scene or criminal. This includes scientific investigation, preservation, collection, analysis, and report of the evidence. According to him, every crime has forensic evidence in it. If no justice is provided to the victim, the blame does not go to forensic science but to the investigation team that failed to find any evidence using the latest technologies. Punjab forensic science agency is on the top in Pakistan and also considered among world's top of class forensic facilities. Find out the base of forensic testing? How fingerprints and footprints can help in this testing? How to deposit DNA just by transferring ones sweat through touching? What multi-dimension of forensic science are being applied in our judicial system? What are the international parameters to grab the criminal? Watch out this video