2 years ago

[Read] The Running Revolutionaries: The Groundbreaking Girls and Boys of America's Greatest

What would one call taking teens with no evident running talent and putting them through breakneck training combined with mantras from the rock n' roll, techniques from Kenya, philosophy from Australia and turning them champions? Is it revolutionary? Or just plain crazy?Bill Aris has heard both, but one thing is indisputable. ?Everything Aris does with his runners?male and female?is new and extraordinary, and he has created a new American running dynasty. The runners of Fayetteville-Manlius High School, or F-M, have won the last nine out of ten national championships and have the best cumulative record in cross country history. F-M's domination has shocked the sport for its defiance of accepted running principles and limitations. One year, the girls defeated the 2nd-place team in the country by an average of?59 seconds per girl in a 5k race. Another year, the F-M girls? ran faster than ?their Kenyan counterparts, who had come to Oregon as a showcase. Across the country, top coaches all whisper, ?How do they do it??From adopting long-forgotten Spartan creeds to focusing on teenaged developmental psychology and gender-blindness in training,?The Running Revolutionaries?is?a a must read for millions of runners and the millions more who strive for better performance. ?