3 years ago

DIY Portable Bluetooth Speaker 10w Mini BOOMBOX for BASS

Flashback DIY
Here is Bluetooth speaker very performers and small size (14x6x6cm). Hope you enjoy this video. Don't forget to subscribe . All of the product's links you can find on descriptions. thanks and have nice week-end.
Bluetooth Audio Amplifier: http://bc.vc/wPVb2gZ
Speakers 40mm 4ohm 5w: http://bc.vc/uHenkKx
Passive Radiator: http://bc.vc/xH5GrAF
Battery Charging Board: http://bc.vc/8NhWA67
1s bms 18650 3A: http://bc.vc/eTxlZD0
Insert Embedment Nuts: http://bc.vc/JBPXSWz
Button Switch Self locking: http://bc.vc/Wq8GFuM