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Chasing Shadows Is Back!~Military Planes-Explosions-Black Op Helicopters-Profound Street Chat & More

The 9/11 Blacklist
Ladies & Gentleman welcome back to Chasing Shadows my primary genre on The 9/11 Blacklist.
As I explained in the live broadcast there are a number of things discussed which remain a source of hot debate.
However, recently I have been uploading NIST FOIA Release and I decided to look at what NIST had not realised were there and had released the footage....it is clear NIST has edited their own release material which means it has been tampered with...however there a still some gems which you'll never ever see on the mainstream news media or even highlighted by the mainstream news media.
***SPECIAL NOTE*...while reviewing this episode i noticed something else I didn't notice myself which I'll be doing a separate episode on next so look out for that!

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It's 2020 and the research into the most controversial date in history continues.

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NIST is providing these materials as a public service and to comply with regulations that require federal agencies to provide equal access to data available for public release.

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The Truth Will Find A Way

Any Theory That Has More Veracity Than The 9/11 Commission Report Is A Plausible One.

Leigh j Apted 2017

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