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Full version A Psychedelic Coloring Book For Adults - Relaxing And Stress Relieving Art For

Are you looking for a new and unique coloring book to take with you on your next trip? Want to chill and experience the benefits of mindfulness? Then this is the book for you! Uncover a ton of fun and trippy illustrations in this stoner coloring book! Packed with loads of trippy, high-quality illustrations, this psychedelic-themed coloring book is ideal for your next trip. With 30 pages in both black and white variations of magic mushrooms, geometric patterns, and hallucinogen-inspired imagery, now you can breathe life and color into these fun and enjoyable designs! The ideal gift for a stoner/tripper you know, coloring is a great way of unlocking your mind and channeling your inner creativity - plus, it also helps you practice mindfulness and make your trips even better! Coloring book details: - Promotes mindfulness, creativity, and relaxation - A ton of high-quality stoner-themed images - Black and white variations of every image - Single-sided paper to make tearing out your favorites easy! - Ideal for all pen, pencil, and market types - And provides hours and hours of coloring enjoyment So don't wait! If you're looking for a unique new coloring book that features the world of stoners and psychedelics, then look no further. Scroll up and click 'Buy Now' and start coloring today!