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யார் இந்த Vikas Dubey? Encounter பின்னணி? #Vikasdubey #Kanpurencounter #UttarPradesh

Ananda Vikatan
Ananda Vikatan
#KanpurEncounter #Vikasdubey #upencounter

India was shocked when eight policemen were shot dead by a mob in Uttar Pradesh. The leader of a rowdy gang Vikas Dubey has been encountered by the police.
The state of Uttar Pradesh is divided into several parts and there are anti-social elementsknown as 'Gangster', 'Don', 'Dada' and 'Rowdy'. One such person is Vikas Dubey. Vikas Dubey, who had been running a rowdy gang in Kanpur state for 30 years, shot dead eight policemen, including a DSP and inspectors who had come to arrest him.He was arrested at a temple in Madhya Pradesh.
Twenty years ago,one such incident made him a powerful gangster. Rajnath Singh was the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in 2001 and is currently the Defense Minister of India. Santosh Shukla, then a BJP minister, had a bitter feud with Vikas Dubey. Vikas Dubey decided to settle the feud. While Santosh Shukla was at a police station, Vikas Dubey and his men suddenly burst into the police station with AK-47 rifles and shot Minister Santosh Shukla. They shot dead two guards who tried to protect the minister. Police were reluctant to testify against Vikas Dubey, who was arrested in connection with the incident. Therefore, he was acquitted on the grounds that there was no eyewitness.

Vikas Dubey has gone into hiding after shooting down eight policemen. The Yogi government announced a reward of Rs 2.5 lakh for information leading to his arrest.later that the UP government announced that it had raised Rs 5 lakh, replacing the earlier.
UP police have registered cases against 88 criminals under the National Security Act in the past one week after eight policemen were shot dead by the rowdy gang on July 2. Amar Dubey, a close associate of Vikas Dubey, was shot dead in a police encounter. Vikas Dube, who went into hiding after shooting a policeman, was arrested in Madhya Pradesh a week later. Police have demolished Vikas Dubey's gigantic house built in 10,000 square feet in Bikru village.

Traditionally, members of the Rowdy gang in UP are told that if their lives are in danger, they will take refuge in prison and that they will be safe in prison until those in their favor come to power. Vikas also dreamed of going to a safe place in Dubai. But, the police have finished his story. Political great points are now sighing in relief as Vikas Dubey reveals the truth about themselves.

However, many more Vikas Dubeys are still running rowdy kingdoms in many parts of UP.

Voice -Soundarya | Script - Pallaniappan | Edit - Senthil Kumar

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