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Climate Change & Global Warming: Earth's Survival ? | Joker Show

Ananda Vikatan
Ananda Vikatan
The predication of weather forecast and other disasters are just for the name sake, but originally we can't prove the accurate information for this climate change. What is the major reason for the climate change? UNESCO's secret book says the emission of carbon per molecule already reached danger level of 0.04%, if its goes beyond this earth will become useless within 15 years and become very difficult for human survival. We need to stop emitting carbon more in order to save our mother earth. If the same situation prevails there will be excessive of heat, cold and other natural calamities. Human survival wont be possible if this happens. Stephen Hawking, a scientist already said our earth will not survive not more than 100 years, so peoples have start migrating to other planets. in 2006, Tsunami is a great disaster for Tamilnadu peoples, which none had predicted earlier that Tsunami is going to hit us. 2015 rains and floods that too is not predicted properly and recently Chennai rains 2017 and list will continue if carbon emission is more. Predictions are not accurate and not proper is said in many places. So, its better to stop emitting carbon and carbon particles on air to create damage to our mother earth. Peoples are advised to live in a healthy environment to safeguard from all this disaters. Joker show is a information based show from Vikatan and hosted by Naresh along with Nigaran.
Host - Naresh, Nigaren, Nivedhitha | Script - Naresh | Camera - Sakthivel | Edit - Rajasekar
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