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Sensory Play: Over 65 Sensory Bin Topics with Additional Picture Books, Supplementary Activities,

Dortha B Jackson
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Have you given your toddler some sensory bins and discovered how much he enjoys them and you want to make more? Have you only heard about them and want to learn how to put one together? As one of our reviewers commented, "This makes it so fun being a kid!" And it makes it so much fun being a parent who can not only entertain your child but give him activities that have so many benefits: - Encourages exploration - Learn new concepts - Increases creativity - Develops small motor skills - Expands vocabulary Enjoy interacting with your toddler as she learns about a variety of themes: colors, seasons, celebrations, and alphabetical topics. Sensory Play includes books, a supplementary activity and an appropriate snack that will further support the topic you have chosen for your sensory bin. This book was written as part of our Busy Toddler, Happy Mom Series and therefore is suitable for your child who is over eighteen months old. However, if you also have a preschooler, this book is also really appropriate for your older child since he or she will enjoy all the sensory bins and activities but with even greater understanding of the topics. Gayle Jervis is a former educator, former home school mom and currently a grandma of four. She has a passion for helping young moms and grandmas plan activities to enjoy their time with their children and grandchildren while ensuring the children continue to develop necessary skills. Kristen Jervis Cacka received her Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2007. She has currently chosen to stay home with her daughters and is constantly looking for new ways to keep her daughters stimulated and engaged.