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The Left in Insane Denial over Hunter Biden Email Scandal

Journalist Glenn Greenwald blasts the media’s ‘cone of silence’ around Hunter Biden’s email scandal and calls out the ‘blatant rank-closing’ from news outlets

Glenn Greenwald shared his remarks via a Twitter thread on Monday night
He questioned why more media outlets weren't dedicating coverage and investigating Hunter Biden's alleged emails
Greenwald also scrutinized Rep. Adam Schiff, who called a 'pathological liar' and accused him of abuse of power
The New York Post last week published a report the purported to show Hunter Biden's emails
The emails allegedly showed his business interactions overseas
GOP members previously accused Joe Biden of using his influence to help Hunter Biden in overseas business dealings

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, the founder of The Intercept, has lambasted his fellow reporters and the media for 'cone of silence' regarding a report that allegedly detailed Hunter Biden's overseas business dealings.

On Monday night, Greenwald unleashed a Twitter thread that questioned why media outlets weren't pursuing the reported details.

'Is there a single journalist willing to say with a straight face they believe the emails relating to the Bidens are either fabricated or otherwise fraudulently altered, but the Bidens just aren't saying so?' wrote Greenwald.

'There has to be some limits to your willingness to go to bat for them.'

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