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2 years ago

3D Printed Camera Mount - Timelapse Gear - How To Film 3D Printing

I created my own 3D printed camera clamp attachment!

I show you how i also want to film 3D printing in this video.
A 3D printed camera clamp attachment was still missing in my timelapse gear.
Now a camera can be mounted to the print bed and moves along with it.

This gives a better result when recording my 3D prints.
I want to use my (old) phone for filming 3D print timelapses.

I used the Fasteners workbench in FreeCAD 0.18 to 3D print an M6 bolt.
3D Printer Compatible mode was on in FreeCAD and i used the following scale settings:

Screw Scaling
A = 0,970
B = -0,050

I used a 3D printed M6 bolt and nut to connect the camera mount to my attachment.
Because the 3D printed bolt was too long, i also used metal nut as a spacer.
The clamp will be slided around the handle of the print bed.

So this is my first step towards making 3D print timelapses!

This FELIX Pro 2 is recorded with permission from the marketing department of FELIXprinters.
This video was recorded in the stable release of FreeCAD 0.18 (2019-04-04).

Thanks for watching the video 3D Printed Camera Mount - Timelapse Gear - How To Film 3D Printing

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