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Barabar Cave, Bodh Gaya India | बराबर की गुफाएं | mystery of barabar cave | seven wonders of India- Barabar Caves | Top tourist place in Bodh Gaya | International tourist spot in india | Land of Lord Buddha

Hi Friends,
In this video I am exploring Barabar Caves in Jehanabad, Bihar which is 24 km from Bodh Gaya. Here, these are only the Man-Made Caves in the world. These Caves build during ancient Maurya Magadh empire 'Ashoka the Great' in ancient India.
Till now, You can see the inscriptions of Samrat Ashoka. Now these Caves are part of international tourism and world wide famous spot of the wonder.
During ancient India Barabar Caves were used for Aajivak saints. But in these Caves, there are many things which is still matter of Mystery and challenge for science.

Apart from these Caves, there is a Great temple of 'Lord Shiva' on the top of mountain. Patal Ganga pound which is always full of water, even in summer season.

About this Channel

Friends this is basically my Vlog channel.
On this Channel I will explore tourist destination and share with you the experiences I have felt during my journey as well as detailed information about each tourist destination, which can make your travel and tourism easy.

On this Channel, all of you can see with me the natural beauty of natures, Indian culture and historical heritage. At the same time, you can feel the beautiful soil of India, the green Indian traditions and the lovely cities and villages in the heart of India and Indians living in them very closely.

Friends, I have only a small effort to make my videos visible to India and also show the beauty of the world.
So stay tuned with Abhishek Shahil's camera, and keep doing 'Dream Mate Ride.'

Thanks & Regards
Abhishek Shahil
Bodhgaya, Bihar

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