Restoring Trust in Higher Education: Making the Investment Worthwhile Again For Kindle
  • 4 years ago
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Where is the value in higher education? How can higher education restore its relevance and trust with students and parents? Are there really any meaningful differences between public and private higher education? This volume probes those questions and more, exploring the myriad issues that have led many people to question whether higher education is worth the sacrifices it requires of parents and students.Drawing on the experience and expertise of a wide variety of highly renowned academics, respected government officials, and well-grounded individuals from the private sector, this thought-provoking book offers readers simple but powerful ways to evaluate whether prospective colleges and universities merit the very substantial investment of time, abilities, and financial resources they necessitate. Readers will learn what to look for in a college or university and what questions to ask in selecting an institution of higher education. They will also learn how parents, students, academicians, and other stakeholders can advocate for changes to benefit both higher education and the constituency it serves.