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2 years ago

Oct9,2020 Nine(9) months Suicides in Victoria more than previous Twelve (12) months suicides

Uncensored Doctors
Dan Andrews - State Premier of Victoria is presiding over some of the most draconian shut down measures around the world with the excuse of Covid19 to place his stranglehold on the lives of Victorians.

With single stage thinking and selecting experts that agree with his Narrative, the fall out from Dan's disastrous measures will mount and it is only a matter of time when the day of reckoning comes for Dan. Suicide figures are the tip of the iceberg for the Death and destruction that the measures of Dan Andrews have caused.

Another disastrous measure in place in Victoria and other states is the Obstruction of Medication that can help save lives of Covid19 patients. Its no longer even slightly doubtful, HCQ (with Zinc) saves lives.
Doubters and "experts" have no where to run - these culpable individuals would have to tackle over 130 papers and studies and prove every one of them shows absolutely no efficacy for HCQ in the treatment of Covid 19 in order to be guilt free of their stance -

Those responsible for taking advantage of the Covid19 Crisis and those responsible for "Measures" in the name of Covid19 that result in deadly or devastating consequences - watch your backs for a long time - just like war criminals - teams of lawyers are preparing cases to demonstrate your culpability and seek reparations for as long as it takes to bring about justice.
Perhaps Paul Barry you will be on that list.

Key People involved in the Australian Obstruction are
Associate Professor Julian Elliot - Heading the The Australian National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce

Adjunct Professor John Skerritt "having direct responsibility for both the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the Office of Drug Control"

One of the "Measures" in Australia is the continued obstructing of Australian Doctors from prescribing HCQ to treat COvid19 high risk stratified patients in absolutely ANY protocol.

Please sign this petition to let Australian Doctors Prescribe HCQ
Please then post it to your facebook from the petition page

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