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2 years ago

Funny Dog Videos 2020 | Dogs and Cats & Owners Are Always the Best Friends | It's time to Laugh

★ Dog to Be Your Best Friend ★
A dog can be your best friend when it comes to home security.
burglar alarms are not the alpha and omega of home security. There are plenty of other things that can be installed in your home that will help you stop a thief to gain entry and many of them are very simple and low cost.

The key is to ensure the possible entry points. This means that the doors should be (definitely not plastic or glass), be properly secured to their hinges, locks, and have tamper-resistant strong, solid material. Ideally, you should have a lock put extra security at night, from very strong metal.

The windows should be made of tempered glass, preferably double glazing, so that they are almost impossible to break. Although window locks are relatively uncommon, they help greatly to the safety and should consider installing them. If your house has windows in a position where it can be easily and discreetly accessible from the street, as the windows of the basement, you should consider metal bars on them.

It is also important for your garden to be sure, in most burglars enter through the back of the home front. This means that their fences must be high and have some sort of measures against climbing (spikes or anti-climb paint can work well). If you do not, like fences, hedges get big in place.

Another aspect to consider is getting a dog surprisingly effective against burglars, who usually do not want to mess with dogs if they can avoid it. For this strategy to be more effective, but the care of the dog shows. Smaller dogs are not so great for this because they are not usually afraid something like a large German shepherd works best, not only for its size but for its strong guard instincts that cause inimical to outsiders.

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