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Interface 16x2 LCD Display With Arduino By Technoesolution | Arduino Projects

Hello friend welcome to "Techno-E-Solution" today we are going to interface 16x2 LCD display with Arduino UNO.

To interface LCD to the Arduino we need Liquidcrystal library.

The LCD display module is uses liquid crystal to print visible text on display, Mainly this display are used for DIY project.Friends as you know 16x2 lcd comes with 16 columns and 2 rows hence it's called as 16x2 LCD Module,In this display you can print maximum 32 characters.

This LCD module is very general purpose LCD, we can use this LCD in our project very easily.This LCD comes with 16 Pin to connection I provide the pinouts of the LCD See below.The LCD has many types like 8x1, 8x2, 10x2, 16x1,20x4 etc.

This display comes with blue or green backlight,with white or black text. This display has 16 pins, The first six pins are used to control contrast of the display and 7 to 14 means 8 pins are Data pins and last to pins are used to control backlight.

If you want to make this project on PCB I will provide PCB layout of this project just Comment to provide PCB layout.

So friend now I'm going to interface LCD with Arduino.

Let's get started..........

Material Required :-
LCD (16x2)
Arduino UNO
Jumper wires
10k/5k Pot

Full details of the project :-

Circuit Diagram :-

Arduino Code :-

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