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  • 4 years ago
Solid state physics, the study and prediction of the fundamental physical properties of materials, forms the backbone of modern materials science and has many technological applications. The unique feature of this text is the MATLAB(R)-based computational approach with several numerical techniques and simulation methods included. This is highly effective in addressing the need for visualization and a direct hands-on approach in learning the theoretical concepts of solid state physics. The code is freely available to all textbook users.Additional Features:Uses the pedagogical tools of computational physics that have become important in enhancing physics teaching of advanced subjects such as solid state physics Adds visualization and simulation to the subject in a way that enables students to participate actively in a hand-on approach Covers the basic concepts of solid state physics and provides students with a deeper understanding of the subject matter Provides unique example exercises throughout the text Obtains mathematical analytical solutions Carries out illustrations of important formulae results using programming scripts that students can run on their own and reproduce graphs and/or simulations Helps students visualize solid state processes and apply certain numerical techniques using MATLAB(R), making the process of learning solid state physics much more effective Reinforces the examples discussed within the chapters through the use of end-of-chapter exercises Includes simple analytical and numerical examples to more challenging ones, as well as computational problems with the opportunity to run codes, create new ones, or modify existing ones to solve problems or reproduce certain results