Full version Third Circle Theory: Purpose Through Observation Complete

  • 4 years ago
The Third Circle Theory does a great job at breaking down the different stages that a successful entrepreneur goes through throughout his journey to the top. There is advice for people who are just starting out and for people who are in the middle of it. As a successful entrepreneur myself, I agreed with most of the points made, whether it's about how to view the world, trying to understand what people's motives are, or how to differentiate between being confident and being arrogant. The book finishes off by explaining what to do when you have been successful, and that's the part that spoke to me the most. I recommend this book as a blueprint, outline or road map to a successful life. - Allen Wong / Rego AppsThe Third Circle Theory is a modern, eloquent & beautifully systematic answer to life's biggest question. Never before have I seen a literary piece combine such a high level of consciousness with functional, step-by-step business building strategy. Pieces like this are satisfying as an entrepreneur because we know we will look back 30 (and more) years from now and recognize with a smile that this was the beginning of a new generation unlocking new levels of consciousness within themselves. The Third Circle Theory garners my highest endorsement and it is my firm conviction that it is a "must read" for every entrepreneur. - Chris McCann / Outlier AcademyWhat if you could take full control of your circumstance, society, and life in the next 30 days?The rules of entrepreneurship have changed. While most books in the world of business and entrepreneurship will teach you about various 'new' methods to becoming successful, they unfortunately don't teach you why only 2% succeed while the other 98% fail. The Third Circle Theory was created to help you understand the key role that your observations play in your success and will enable you to re-live your own life and rediscover what traits, skills, and observations are critical to your success. More importantly this book will help you discover how to tweak your very belief and habit system instantaneously in order to significantly increase your chances of success regardless of which field you undertake. Each circle is designed to help you understand how to stay in control of your emotions and circumstance as you undertake your entrepreneurial journey. Everyone of us is born into a circumstance which we do not control, but all of us are able to take control and alter that circumstance in order to build a strong foundation for ourselves. Regardless that we are born poor or rich, we are can master the 8 components in Circle 1 to progress to a successful state of mind and undertake the challenges that society has created for us. Circle 2 teaches us how to adapt and benefit from other systems and concepts we interact with daily through 6 different components. Our pursuit of wealth and freedom can only take us so far but it is ultimately our drive to define our purpose in life that keeps us motivated. Circle 3 enables us to understand how we create fulfillment for ourselves and define our legacy through entrepreneurship. Understand how your belief controls your perspective and how to control it to create the outcomes you want.When most say "dream big", we'll teach you why dreaming leads straight to failure.Discover how confidence and skills lead to the creation of passion and vision.Uncover how most people, even entrepreneurs, are stuck in the rat race and don't even know it. Learn to escape the mundane.Learn to manipulate your environment to maximize wealth, rather than to become a by-product of it.Understand the new rules of entrepreneurship based on today's new global marketplace.This book is for ANYONE who believes they are worth more than they have today, and never want to settle for anything less but their goals.