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You must Sacrifices these things If you want to be Rich in the age of 18-30|| Sacrifices to be rich || Beleive in knowledge || How to be rich

Believe in knowledge
As I promised you in the previous video, in this video I will tell you about the sacrifices to be made at the age of 18-30 ............ All these things are in this video.
My idea about money is, make it, invest most of it and manage anything that remains.
Getting rich is a roller-coaster it will take a while to get there, you don't know what tomorrow holds you need to hold yourself and position yourself and meet new people, to negotiate your own reality since no one is going to provide it for you. If you are staying in an environment that is keeping you from being successful Sacrifice it. Move somewhere else. You are in control if it considers work you are the only who is to blame. Get busy.

Waren Buffett said very truly “You cannot have a baby next month by impregnating nine women today”. It's very true

We all want to become rich, for that we will have to learn first ..... So keep learning .......

Would you rather be a lion one day and be respected all your life or considering be a sheep with no honor all the rest of your life?
it's up to you ....
If you not sacrifice for "what u wanna be" then "what u wanna be" become sacrifice .....

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