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[Read] USMLE Diagnostic Test Flashcards: 200 Diagnoses Every Doctor Should Know For Kindle

To practice medicine in the United States, medical students are required to take and pass the 3-part United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)When studying for this difficult test, U.S. students as well as foreign students hoping to practice in the United States will benefit from using "USMLE"TM "Flashcards: The 200 Diagnostic Tests You Need to Know for the Exam." This boxed set of flashcards will help students answer the most common questions tested on Steps 2 and 3: What is the most accurate and best initial diagnostic test for a given disease?This powerful study tool includes: Color flashcards in laminated 5x7 format Pictures or vignettes with questions on one side, with answers on the back Crucial information for making correct diagnoses The most frequently seen diagnoses that appear on the USMLE Steps 2 and 3 examsPlus an Additional Online Podcast with the Author !