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Full version How to Become a Modern Viking: A Man's Guide to Unleashing the Warrior Within For

#1 New Release: Amazon.com > Mens Health Vikings were undoubtedly the manliest men in history. They came, they conquered, and they took whatever they wanted. They were strong men in both body and mindset, with a culture and religion that promoted men to be "men." For their mastery and bravery in battle, they were rewarded with status, plunder and women! Vikings were also passionately devoted to their brothers. Bonds formed in the bloody terror of battle, which they celebrated with much feasting and mead! But today, you live in a modern world of smartphones, suits and safety. Pillaging and plundering opportunities are limited, and many of your friends are probably too concerned with their smartphones or Gluten Free Diets to be interested in going on a Viking campaign together. But there is still hope! In this book, you will learn how to build the body and mindset of a Viking warrior and how to apply your increased masculinity in the modern world! ... In this book, Liam Gooding walks you through his personal journey from the top to the bottom. He lost his multi-million dollar company, his house and his fiancee. But worst of all, he lost his masculinity. But that's when he discovered the power and strength hidden within ancient Viking culture. The liberating freedom of their mythology, the guiltless pride in building a strong and muscular body, the confident ambition of getting what you want in life (no matter who or what stands in your way). Becoming a Modern Viking allowed Liam to become a man again. To rebuild himself stronger than before, to embrace the body and the mindset that evolution and natural selection had intended, and to remove the chains and limitations of modern western society. ... Chapter Highlights Build a Viking Body using principles and guidelines such as 'Lift Like A God' and 'Train Like A Warrior' Follow a spreadsheet-free nutrition diet that allows a man to eat as much as he wants, and still boost testosterone and build muscle, or lose fat, depending on his goals How to stop worrying about overwhelming situations by thinking like a Viking in the shield wall How to become more assertive in social and professional situations How to live in Winter Season or Raiding Season to encourage your body to build muscle or lose fat with just a few small changes to your routine Modern Viking is not a fitness and exercise book promising to help you look like an Instagram model. It isn't a book about deep meditation and mindfulness. Modern Viking is a practical, no-nonsense self improvement book for men who want to become better men. Modern Viking is especially effective for bigger men - Liam Gooding stands at 6'5" and weighs 230 lb. He eats 4000 - 5000 kcal every day. And none of the women in his life every complain that he doesn't have "Instagram Abs"! Modern Viking is about looking like a man who can swing an axe, row a boat, build a house, and then carry his woman to bed after the days work!"