Full version Strong: A Confidence Journal for Runners and All Brave Women Complete

  • 4 years ago
In Strong: A Confidence Journal For Runners and All Brave Women, Kara teaches you how to improve your confidence and mental preparedness while training for a race. Although often overlooked, mental preparation is just as important as physical preparation when it comes to preparing for a race. For the first time ever, two-time Olympian, World Champion runner, and most Influential Female Running Personality (Run USA), Kara Goucher, is sharing her practice of keeping a Confidence Journal with the world.Every night, after Kara writes in her training log, she also writes a sentence or two in her Confidence Journal. Then, the week of and night before a big race, she flips through her Confidence Journal, which reminds her not only of all the hard work outs that she nailed, but also the times that she fought through bad days and still found a small victory. Along with guest excerpts from World & Olympic medalists, Kara also shares tips and stories on the power of mantras, social connections, power words, relaxation exercises, and more.Along with quotes, tips, and stories, this journal also has 365 undated entries so you can benefit from your own practice of keeping a Confidence Journal. For runners, this journal serves as a mental training supplement to your training log. For all brave women, this journal serves to remind you that you are doing your best as a mom, friend, sister, businesswoman, wife--wherever you are in life, Kara is with you step-by-step, day-by-day to build a winning attitude and the confidence to get it done.