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2 years ago

Jiji Maa Clash of ideologies good vs bad Uttra devi & Falguni अच्छाई और बुराई की टक्कर फाल्गुणी और उत्तरा देवी

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Desitube TV
Jiji Maa is an Indian drama television series which airs on Star Bharat .
Falguni and Niyati Purohit are sisters from a poor household supported by their mother. Their mother dies and leaves Niyati in Falguni's care telling her that she is now Niyati's Jiji Maa (Sister Mother). Falguni works to fund Niyati's education, remaining illiterate herself.
A grown-up Falguni and Niyati meet Uttara devi Rawat, a bad-tempered and arrogant woman who hates poor people. Falguni gets into a fight with Uttara and later apologises to her driver Suresh. A humiliated Uttara vows to take revenge from the sisters. Suresh, who is in fact Uttara's elder son Suyash, falls in love with Falguni. Niyati tries to commit suicide but is stopped by Falguni who is shocked to find out that Niyati is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's child. Her ex-boyfriend is revealed to be Vidhaan, Uttara devi's younger son.
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