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Train driver narrowly avoids running over child on tracks in Argentina

A train driver in Argentina managed to stop the train he was driving on time and avoided running over a child who was walking alone on the tracks on Tuesday (September 15).

In the video, you can see how the driver, Damián Solari, activates the brake and manages to stop the train.

"They are trained for this type of situation, but he had the necessary reflexes to activate the brake and avoid running over the approximately 3-year-old boy who was on the roads," they told Latin America News Agency from the company that controls the service.

In the images you can see how the child remained standing and static until the train stopped and then ran down the tracks, stumbling twice, until it was picked up by adults.

"That is an area that is fenced off, with fences, but perhaps in some sectors, it was vandalized and the baby escaped that way," said a source from the company.

It was reported that the driver is fine and was greeted by his colleagues, and by the president of Trenes Argentinos because "it was a heroic act."

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