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2 years ago

Battleland Survival - Dead Royale Zombie Shooting Android Gameplay

eMon Xpress (Gamer)
Battleland Survival - Dead Royale Zombie Shooting Android Gameplay

This Is Not a violant...This Is Just A GamePlay

Hey buddy ! I'm trying to get as many people as I can to keep sending the development team for this game, and were trying to get it to when at the end of the match the stupid danger zone, safety area wall slows way down on the amount of health it takes every second your in the red zone OK ? Its a game of survival correct?? Well at the end of the match is when we that steathy stuff ! Like being able to crawel and stay hidden to survive ! As it is now, can't do it ! You gotta get up and run right into the enemy

Battleland Survival - Dead Royale Zombie Shooting :

The plague is spreading everywhereand the infected population is increasing!
Can you survive in this dark world?
Pick up the weapon, kill all zombies who threaten your life, and live till the end bravely!

 A wide variety of weapons and accessories:
1. Rich weapon types (rifle, shotgun, mechanical, grenade launcher) let you feel the power of explosion
2. A variety of different types of weapons can be easily obtained.
3. Various types of props (armor, grenade, first aid kit, time bomb, high explosive bomb, etc.)

 Diversified zombies:
There are many types of zombies in the game. Each zombie has its own characteristics- speed, power, and variants.... and so on. You have to learn how to deal with different types of zombies!

 Various defense equipment in the game:
Powerful body armor, gold gloves, gold clips, explosive props, time can find all kinds of props you want in the game! Try to put on a gold armor and eliminate zombies!

 Realistic game screen:
1. Exquisite 3D graphics and realistic lighting present the real doomsday battlefield. You will fully experience the terrible doomsday! The smooth scenes will greatly enhance your gaming experience!
2. Different types of guns have different sound effects, absolutely real experience!
3. A variety of environmental sound effects to create the best game for you!

 Unique reward system:
A variety of reward systems are waiting for you to experience, as well as the unique lottery system!

 Game levels are rich:
Challenge comes one after another. Can you use your intelligence to pass all the levels? Clean up all kinds of streets, eliminate all zombies, and restore the city to life!

 The game is suitable for all Android 4.0 and above models. No Wi-Fi? No problem!

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