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Plane converted to coffee shop lets customers experience flying during coronavirus pandemic

An old plane has been converted into a cafe in Thailand - allowing customers to experience flying during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Airbus 300 was once used for commercial flights before being decommissioned and shipped to patch of land in Sattahip, Chonburi province.

Businessman Suttipong Boonloi said he paid 10 million baht (250,000GBP) to buy the aircraft before re-fitting the inside as a coffee shop.

Footage shows how locals who miss taking to the skies during the Covid-19 restrictions can now sit in business class chairs and order 'in-flight' meals.

The aircraft, formerly operated by struggling Thai Airways, has become a popular destination during the coronavirus, with many commercial flights in and out of Thailand now banned.

Customer Sara Chen, 25, said the cafe felt like she was inside a real plane - taking pictures to post on Instagram where people believed she was in mid-air.

''I closed my eyes and imagined I was really in the sky,'' she said.

''I imagined that there was no pandemic and we could fly, just like before. I like the cafe. It's great to visit for an unusual coffee and take selfies.''

Thailand has banned international tourists and anyone returning from abroad must provide extensive test results, paperwork and undergo strict state-sanctioned quarantine, which makes international travel almost impossible.

Similar concepts to the Coffee War 331 Station, which allow residents to enjoy flights without leaving the country, have taken off in neighbouring Asian countries, including Japan and Singapore.

Singapore Airlines revealed plans for a 'flight to nowhere' which takes off and lands at the same airport three hours later.

While in Japan, businessman Katsuo Inoue launched a flight simulator with virtual reality goggles that allows guests to experience travelling to international destinations.

Airlines around the world are having to cope with a drastic fall in air travel due to Covid-19 travel restrictions and low demand.

Thailand ranked highest in a global survey for its effective handling of Covid-19 and recovery from the crisis. There has been only one local transmission of Covid-19 for in more than 100 days.

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