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2 years ago

Untitled 1_720pCHINGRI MACHER MALAI CURRY RECIPE || Chingri malai  || #chingri malai curry #pogi shows

Pogi Shows
"CHINGRI MACHER MALAI CURRY" Banate jeshob ingredients proyohon.

1) Chingri mach(Shrims)       -- 300 gm.
2)  Coconuts(narkel)         -- as per quantity.
3) Mustard oil                     -- As per quantity.

4) Green chillis                    -- As per quantity.                     

5) Mustard seeds            -- As perquantity.

6) Salt                                  -- As per quantity.

7) Sugar                               -- As per quantity.

8) Turmeric                        -- As per quantity.

9) poppy seeds (Posto)   -- As per quantity.


Hello friends, I hope you are all well.  Today my recipe is CHINGRI MACHER MALAI CURRY.Be sure to try this recipe at home, you can too, this item is a heavy test to eat.
This item is very easy to make. Let's start without exaggeration.
First of all, the shrimp should be washed well with water.Then you have to paste some spices like poppy seeds, mustard seeds, salt, coconut and green chillis,Equal amount of water .Then mix this paste, turmeric, mustard oil, and shrimp well,This time the mixed shrimp match has to be taken in the pressure cooker and the cooker has to be put in the burner, I will take it down as soon as a whistle is blown.This time CHINGRI MACHER MALAI CURRY is ready to eat with hot rice.






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