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Battle Hell Vietnam 2of2 Military History Battle Hell Vietnam

The Vietnam War
Military History Battle Hell Vietnam full playlist https://dailymotion.com/playlist/x6vob2 The Military History collection is the most extensive collection of hundreds of hard-to-find military history programs - past, present and future. The Sky Soldiers: The fighting 173rd Airborne Brigade featuring Huey Gunships and their "Cowboys" against the V.C. The Black Horse Regiment: Operation Thunderhorse and Elephant's Ear took these hell-for-leather fighting men from sweating jungles to the Tet Offensive and bitter street fighting in Bien Hua and Saigon. The Air Mobile Division: The battling 1st proved the effectiveness of the helicopter in bloody battle. Know Your Enemy: Men of the 173rd discovered this captured enemy newsreel depicting ambush assault tactics of the 9th Vietcong Main Force Division. A chilling picture of the enemy in battle.