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[Read] Digital Identity and Everyday Activism: Sharing Private Stories with Networked Publics

In an era when public self-expression, particularly in online spaces, has become a marker of civic engagement and wellbeing, the workshop-based practice of digital storytelling has excited the interest of people who want to change the world. Digital Identity and Everyday Activism complicates utopian claims of digitally facilitated liberation by detailing the numerous obstacles stigmatised storytellers confront when creating and sharing revealing stories in networked public spaces. The tangled connections between identity, intimacy, activism and social change are explored, with particular attention paid to emergent understandings of privacy. 'Intimate Citizenship 3.0' is introduced as an indispensable suite of digitally savvy self-representation strategies. Not only can these processes affirm vulnerable identities among their real and imagined networked publics, they are imperative skills for modern people, young and old and everywhere.