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Full version Dividend Investing: Expert Advice For Novice Investors: How To Create A Passive

If you're looking for a safe and lucrative way to invest your money instead of watching it melting away from your savings account, then keep reading...In times of negative interest rates and highly volatile markets, responsible investors are looking for ways to consistently build their wealth over time. In particular, if you are close to being retired, you want to look for investments that have proven stable growth, even in declining markets. And if you're looking for investments that not only grow over time but generate cash flow along the way, then you've come to the right place. Dividend investing has beaten the stock market for decades. It's a solid long-term investment strategy suitable for those who want a low maintenance approach to investing. The numbers tell it all. Over the last two decades, the S & P 500 index returned 9.8% per year whereas an equal investment in 18 representative dividend kings would have generated a return of 14% per year. Needless to say, that dividends offer better returns and fewer risks, resulting in growing investments and peace of mind. With that being said, author Andrei D. Carlson reveals to you the nuts and bolts of dividend investing for beginners. You will discover how dividends work and what to look out for when picking stocks. While this book provides you the most effective and time-tested investment strategies using dividends, it will conclude with a secret list of high-yield titles for 2020 to get you started right off the bat (a list that financial advisors and banks don't want you to know). In this book you will discover:The key concepts of dividend investing and what to look for when picking your titlesThe hidden power of dividend investing many books fail to inform about7 Proven investment strategies that have been proven time and again to be effectiveA simple technique to never buy your assets at their highest pricesDiscover the key-steps to profitable investing - especially for beginnersHow to win the investment-game using mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)5 top picks for dividend-paying ETFs Startling ways to invest in dividends while saving on taxes big time3 Unconventional dividend investments with "unconventional" gain-potentials4 high paying Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) you want to draw your attention toA foolproof way to generate solid annual returns through indirect bond investingBonus chapter Top ten high potential dividend stock to consider for 2020And much, much more. Some of this advice might go against the grain of what banks and financial advisors will recommend you (keeping in mind that most of them will get juicy commissions for selling complex, high-fee financial products). But time and again, data shows that the strategies in this book work. Even if you apply only one or two of the strategies from this book, it's cost has already paid back multiple times. So, if you want to create a passive income source and gain double-digit returns with dividend investing, then click "add to cart" now!