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6 Amazing Machines At Work - Construction, Agriculture, Woodworking and Energy

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This is a list of construction, energy production, cleaning, agriculture, and woodworking machines with an incredible and amazing performance at what they do. These are amazing inventions you must see.

Land Pac is a soil compaction machine. Soil compaction is the removal of air from the soil particles by applying weight in order to provide the necessary flat base to support; roads, railways, buildings, and any other construction structures. Manufactured by Landpac, this machine transfer compaction energy into the soil by means of the lifting and falling motion of non-circular rotating masses. Unlike the conventional vibratory compactors, Landpac compactor uses high energy impact compaction which can transfer 10 to 25kJ of compaction energy into the soil at a speed of up to 5 times faster. This allows the Landpac compactor to compact up to 10 times more volume than conventional compactors.

2. Waterwheel
This is a Poncelet Waterwheel. It is a prototype of a hydrokinetic turbine that can produce 7.5kW at 50 revolutions per minute. Hydrokinetic turbines are more suitable to convert the kinetic energy in the river and marine currents. They are the best solutions to provide electricity to non-interconnected areas like islands and rural areas close to rivers. This waterwheel technology could replace the diesel with a source of green power that is available 24/7 in those areas. The waterwheel is manufactured by Nering Industries and It is currently in the developmental stage, optimizing blade profiles for efficiency.

3. Agriplanter 4SP
Agriplanter 4SP is an agricultural machine that automates the process of transplanting seedlings to the field. It is called Agriplanter. Attached to the tractor, this machine can plant 4 rows of plants simultaneously, separated 50 to 75cm apart. With its 229cm width and 310cm height, it can plant up to 44,000 plants in one hour.

4. Menzi Muck M5
Menzi Muck M5 is a mobile multi-purpose excavator. With its 10.7 tons of weight, it can produce the same power as the 20-tonne excavator. With its crossing hydraulic legs for several types of drive, this walking/spider excavator can work in any terrain even with the most difficult conditions. The M5 is equipped with 4-cylinder 157 HP - DEUTZ turbo diesel engine and can travel up to a speed of 15km/h. Thanks to the adjustable wheel and claw support, its fixed tilting edges can be adjusted depending on the task ahead, As a result, it produces lifting and gripping forces beyond those of conventional excavators

5. Citymaster 2200
Citymaster 2200 is a road cleaning machine which not only makes road cleaning easier but also makes it efficient, economical, and safe. It is called The Citymaster 2200. With its reliable sweeping and intake systems combined with environmentally friendly state-of-the-art machine technology and an extra

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