Neck Adjustment 2 (Chiropractic Adjustment)

  • 4 years ago
Certified Tesda Trainer/Assessor
Hilot Wellness Massage NCII
Massage Therapy NCII
DOH Licensed Massage Therapist

Jim Street Wellness Spa
Providing Quality Kind of Massage Approach
That may help you relieve from:
1. Neck Pain
2. Upper Back Pain
3. Lower Back Pain
4. Sciatica
5. Frozen Shoulder
6. Insomnia
7. Headache
8. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
9. Eye Twitching
10. Muscle Spasm
11. Fibromyalgia
12. Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Experience the 1st one of a kind All-In-One Massage Package:
1. Foot Soak/Foot Wash
2. Steam Sauna
3. Chiropractic Adjustment/Advanced Stretching/Thai Massage and Shiatsu
4. Tens Machine
5. Banana Leaf Therapy
6. Foot Reflex
7. Bentosa/Cupping Therapy
8. Hot Stone Therapy
9. Oscillating Machine
10. Hilot Strokes/Swedish Massage
11. Head Massage
12. Music Therapy

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