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New Phone Vs Old Phone | नया Vs पुराने फ़ोन | Charging Performance Of New Phone And Old Phone| #SchoolTech | New Phone Vs Old Phone | Fast Charging On Old Mobile | Fast Charging On Both Old And New Mobile |

School Tech
Video's Link :-

1) Phone Hang
- https://youtu.be/LQO_xD3Q39E
- https://youtu.be/eQD1Q9NCj60

2) Consuming Internet Data
- https://youtu.be/CyLjexBT5IA
- https://youtu.be/lpYgAN0h6vw

3) Battery Performance
- https://youtu.be/mPGHL35YrZk
- https://youtu.be/MAriVxMucpw

4) Mobile Heating
- https://youtu.be/9-6-g4H5JgM

5) EnableFast Charging Mode
- https://youtu.be/ziYadeXpvW8

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About this video
In this video I will try my best to tell you that how to save your mobile phone battery problem, Save From Heating, And Save Internet Data. and i told you about charging speed of new phome and old phone. By seeing this video you can easily save your mobile phone battery problem, save from mobile haeting, and save your mobile's internet data.

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